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Although Email Marketing belongs to the old school of marketing, some marketers believe that its effect is becoming weaker! But in fact, it is still considered one of the strongest and most important types of e-marketing, for being involved in the basic marketing process. It works side by side with other marketing channels and complements them.

In fact, Email Marketing will continue as an important marketing element and will never become a consumer. This is because everything that happens on the Internet is linked in one way or another via email. It is the official and primary means of communication on the Internet.

What’s the online markiting

Is one of the oldest and best online marketing strategies. Through which you can get highly targeted visitors, whether for your own website or for marketing others’ products. Marketing by email depends on the communication between one of the sites and the users targeted for this site. It is a marketing tool that enables you to send marketing messages to users who have visited your site before. In order to understand the importance of email marketing you do not have to open your email address. You will find messages from Facebook, telling you that you have new friend requests and a link to re-open your account. You will find messages from an online store, telling you that there are products suitable for you. You’ll find other messages from some sites, telling you that there’s a new important content added on the site. You will find many, many other marketing messages. In fact, there is no strong business on the Internet and does not use Email Marketing.

The utility of sending e-mails

This tool saves you from all the sites that you have to be subscribed to every month so that you can send messages and be limited. You can not exceed the number of messages per day. This tool makes you able to :

  • Send unlimited messages by e-mail only
  • Sending messages in html format
  • Send messages earlier than account
  • Change between messages
  • Set the interval between each send to make sure that the message reaches the inbox
  • You can write the message from inside the tool without using any text editor
  • Make you able to add the name of the sender and the Title of the message

The correct way to use the tool

  1. Add the message either by HTML text or written from within the tool.
  2. Add the sender’s name
  3. Add the title
  4. Add attachments to the message by pressing add in the ATTACHMENT property
  5. Choose your online account type from SERVER
  6. Add account via ADD ACCOUNT or file via FROM FILLE
  7. Click on Fix Error 5.5.1 and give the program the power to send through this tool
  8. Add the emails you want to send to
  9. If you want to send 50 messages each time, remove the health tag from 1 email every message

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