The best tool of El Magek Mosaad in automatic publishing in Google Plus

The best tool of El Magek Mosaad in automatic publishing in Google Plus

Google Plus

Regardless of the failure of Google’s social network to compete with Facebook or even outperform Twitter and other social networks, Google Plus is one of the best tools you can use in e-marketing these days.

Google Plus is designed not only to create a community of users, chat, browse and comment on publications, but also to be widely used in e-marketing.

There are many more active users on Google Plus

Statistics show that there are more than 375 million active users on Google Plus, and there are about 2.2 billion profiles on this social network.

This means that there are a wide range of users and of course there are a lot of Arabs on this network, you can earn them as followers and then visitors, loyal readers and even customers.

Not all of our friends and family members have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but they all have the Gmail accounts they need to handle, which explains 2.2 billion Google Plus profiles.

Posted in Google Plus Groups

Google Plus allows us to reach customers faster. Publishing on this platform is unlike publishing on the Facebook platform. You can publish up to 1000 publications a day, which means reaching out to many interested people.

Publishing features through a tool

Automatic publishing in Google Plus Groups

  • Publish earlier than an account
  • Change between messages
  • You can send attached text with a link
  • Determine the time difference between each publication
  • Withdraw all groups that have joined it
  • Choose groups by name

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