The best tool for extracting whatsapp groupes  with El Magek Mosaad

The best tool for extracting whatsapp groupes  with El Magek Mosaad

Most people spend a great deal of their time on smart devices, communicating with others through a vast array of social media, and when you consider social networking, sites such as whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter may come to mind immediately.

But messaging applications have captured social networks in terms of users, and messaging applications are increasingly being used for marketing, including “whats app” because it is of great importance to people, especially in recent times. More than 50 billion messages are sent through Apply the app whats every single day.


WhatSapp Marketing

One of the most important advantages of online marketing is that you reach your company or your website for any new customers and in all places around the world, and this gives you an advantage over the rest of your competitors in the field because you shop for yourself everywhere in the world through the Internet, they are limited in their field and in a specific local market, As you open up several markets according to your goal and your brand that you are marketing, so you have expanded the scope of dealing in your company or your site in a very short time. Online marketing is much cheaper than marketing campaigns on newspapers or television, and you can interact with and discuss with your audience In information about services, this is another feature for It is available in other media. It provides you with several marketing tools that allow you to establish new business relationships with competitors and businessmen in the same field in the Internet world. The more information you get the better.


Take advantage of Group Chat is an excellent feature before conducting market studies or launching the product to see the responses of users and members of certain groups see them in a service or offer for your institution.

Group chats let you send messages to up to 256 people at once, and share messages, photos, and videos.

Everyone in the chat group, can chime their opinions about the product and also see everyone’s responses, that’s what sets the whatsapp application in the collective participation of the business team.

Extract whatsapp Groupes

In this new tool is extracting whatSapp groups according to the field you choose or randomly which is a good feature in targeting 100/100 interested customers in the product you will offer or anything you promote and thus you have targeted people who have a great interest in the product and you can also spread your service on the group and Gathering opinion polls from members of the group so that you gather as much information about your products as you can to identify their strengths and weaknesses that should be improved.

Explanation of the tool

For this tool they do not need explaining what you need is

  • Choose whether you want random groups to go to Random Audience or to target groups and are by target Audience
  • Select the amount of groups you want to extract
  • Write the domain you want its own groups
  • Press START to start the extraction process

Explanation of video

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