Usage Agreement

VERY IMPORTANT: I am not responsible for any definitive ban accounts
Because it is just a programmer just all my mission making program
Alaobescnat with the features and characteristics that help to avoid the ban for the longest period
And so like:
Properties interval
Properties of the automatic suspension for a specified time
After a certain number of operations
Switching properties publications
Add properties jroup name
Add the properties of the time and date
And more properties will Tkchwunha yourselves
And it benefits the builder of Lycia owner of Facebook or any social site continues
In order to protect you from the ban
I hope that you will understand it all
Also very important to avoid the ban as long as possible
The most important thing, use your intelligence and your mind in the use of the program Aobescnat

I explainer how to use your intelligence and Alaobescnat in this video to avoid ban
If you do not see this video and you focus it well
Dont promise that if then used the same way video
Logically and scientifically your account will not get any ban final
This video link:

Video is a summary of how to use the properties of the suspension and the separation and diversity switch and publications and switch accounts
And make people interact with your post or ad
All this in this video

Antzerony and very soon, God willing, in a new property if Auadkm and succeeded after not prohibit any never account
Soon, a comprehensive technical support system will be available from within the program, such as TeamViewer, but it will be specific to the program only, where the client will be able to chat and communicate with the technical support team from within the program and also photograph the screen to see the problem on the ground and transfer files in case they need to be updated to facilitate the user to update the program and files Without downloading again
You can add, delete or change any item of the laws at any time

thank you

In the care of God and all
Greetings Magic Massad

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