Best Data Extraction Tool from Google Maps with el magek mosaad

Best Data Extraction Tool from Google Maps with El magek mosaad

The Data Extraction Tool from Google Maps from programme el magek mosaad helps you to extract the data you need from Google Maps. Helps you search for specific types of businesses in any particular location. For example, if you want to search all electronic stores in your location, you will need to write the electronic stores in the browser that appears and the program will be extracted the data . will save the data in your Excel file. What data does it provide? It’s not as if a program only provides company names. It also provides you with the following:

  • Telephone number
  • Title
  • Category
  • The company’s website
  • Link on Google Map

Proper use of the tool:

  • Open the browser with the “START CHROME”
  • From the browser that opens, select the field from which you want to extract data
  • Select the maximum number of data and start the extraction process by pressing START and stopping by pressing STOP.
  • You can filter the data by placing the semantic word you want to find in the evidence and clicking on the word “FILTER DATA”
  • Save numbers alone Press SAVE ALL NUMBERS.
  • Save all data Click SAVE ALL

Extraction across the tool

Excel file that appears after extracting data from tool

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