Explanation: Add an exception to antivirus software for windows defender for Windows 10

Adding an exception to the Windows Defender antivirus program for Windows 10 is one of the most important things that could hinder your use of Windows 10.
As adding an exception to the Windows Defender antivirus program makes you able to use some cracks and patches and protect personal files

But adding an exception to Windows Defender Antivirus is not as difficult as some might imagine

To add files and folders to the exception feature of windows defender

Unlike the habit, we present to you the second case first, as it is the focus of our article today

To make an exception for a specific file, you must take several steps before choosing a file or folder that is excluded from the Windows Defender scanning process.

All steps have a virus & threat protection feature

How to open the program, go to the search menu and write windows defender with ease. The program shows you

After you open the program, you go to virus & threat protection and then to the virus & threat protection setting

You cannot add a file or folder while activating the automatic scan process because in the event that this file contains something against it the program will automatically delete

So you must stop the program from running before you add it in order to get the process to complete successfully


You must turn off the automatic defense feature

real time protection
It is the tool for direct deletion, not virus, or anything in violation of the Property Protection and Hacking Act
cloud delivered protection
Its role is its database, as it constantly updates the company database to obtain the list of viruses
automatic sample submission
Its role is to synchronize files placed under suspicion so that Microsoft always has the largest base to protect the user from viruses

You should stop him all

When descending down with the virus & threat protection setting

Find the option to exclusions

You choose add or remove exclusions

This picture is shown to you, then you click on add and choose what you will add, whether Phil Folder


After you finish adding the file or folder you want, you return to the virus & threat protection setting and activate the program to return to performing its task.

With this, you added an exception to the Windows Defender antivirus program

The easiest way and without any problems

This is a video explanation of the method

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