Viber Tool To Send Messages in The Program

Viber Tool To Send Messages in The Programme MG-CONTROL

Viber features

 ll international calls are free of charge, provided that the  corresponding person has access to the program using free text messages and voice and video messages .

Requirements for operation on this tool

  • Obtain a Access of MG CONTROL
  • Viber program on your device
  • Download the Viber application in your phone or on any emulator
  • How to send the largest amount possible through the program

How to send the largest amount possible through the program

1- Add Viber channels

  1. Add a new channel

Click on the word “Register a new viber” will appear on the application of Viber on your computer after you log in by opening Viber on your phone or any emulator and then the channel will be added automatically in the program

If you do not want to use it in the transmission, you must uncheck the checkbox for the channel in the “Use for send”

          2.   Change channel

You can change the channel that you have opened in the Viber program only by clicking on the channel through the table with the channels and then click on “Change user”

2. Add contacts

  1. Add contacts from a file
  2. clear the selected
  3. Save your contacts
  4. Clear all

3 – Add messages and attach images and link

1. Add messages
You can add more than one message and the program will choose a message from among the messages randomly

How to write more messages ({msg3 | msg2 | msg1})

2. Add pictures to the message

You can add an image with the selected message by adding images or image in the file and add it by clicking on the icon “…” and choose the file

3. Add a link attached to the image

To add the link with the message you must mark “Attach link” and paste the link in its box

4. Determine the interval between each transmission

Interval is the most important thing to minimize blocking and closing channels

  1. “pause between account changes” It is the number of delay in which the program stops after changing from one channel to another
  2. “Interval between each Message” is the time that the program stops between each message
  3. “And stop for” How long is the stop in minutes
  4. “After Send” after how many message

5- Determine the transmission settings

  1. “Change account after” Change the channel after how many messages
  2. “The number of non-valid dispatches for restarting” after how many failed messages in the transmitter changed the channel
  3. “Number of identical statuses for restarting” After how many identical messages to the same person we change the channel
  4. “After the last account, go to the first one.”
  5. “Add Date & time to the message”
  6. “clear history” After sending messages to customers clear messages

6- He started sending messages

  1. “pause” pauses
  2. “start” start the transmission
  3. “stop”
  4. “Success” The number of successful messages sent
  5. “Failed” The number of failed messages in the mailer

7 – Report on the transmission process

  1. “Save All Reports”
  2. “Delete Selected Report”
  3. “Delete All Report”

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